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U bend tubes MurphyU bend tubes Murphy
U bend tubes in Murphy factoryU bend tubes in Murphy factory
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U Bend Tube

Fin Type: U bend tube

Tube Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum

Fin Tube Length: No Limit

Product description:We offer U bend tube applied in boiler and heat exchangers

U bend tube manufacturing

1. Punching method: Expand the pipe end to the required size and shape, with a tapered core on the punch.

Second, the bending method: There are three commonly used methods: one is the stretching method, the other is the stamping method, and the third is the roller method. There are 3-4 rollers, 2 fixed rollers, and 1 adjusting roller. , Adjust the fixed roll distance, and the finished pipe will bend.

2. Bulging method: one is to put the rubber in the tube and squeeze the upper part with a punch to make the tube protrude; the other is hydraulic expansion, which fills the middle of the pipe with liquid, and the liquid pressure makes the elbow expand into Need shape, most corrugated pipes are produced in this way.

3. Forging method: The end or part of the pipe is pulled out by a die forging machine to reduce the outer diameter of the pipe. The commonly used forging machinery is rotary, connecting rod, and roller type. Roller type: Put the core in the tube and push the roller outside to process the round edges.

4. Rolling method: generally without mandrel, suitable for the inner edge of thick-walled pipe.

First of all: According to the simmering process, there are mainly two types of hot simmering elbows and cold simmering elbows.

1. Hot simmering elbow

Hot simmering elbow is also called intermediate frequency elbow, and its production process belongs to the range of thermal expansion.

Manufacturing of hot simmering elbow:

After cutting the material, the straight pipe is placed on the induction ring of the bent part of the steel pipe, the pipe head is clamped by the mechanical rotating arm, and the intermediate frequency current is used to heat the steel pipe in the induction ring. When the temperature of the steel pipe rises to the plastic state, the mechanical thrust of the steel pipe at the rear end of the steel pipe pushes to bend, and the elbow part is quickly cooled with coolant, so that the elbow pipe is continuously bent while heating, pushing, bending and cooling.

Hot simmering elbows are mainly used in industries such as circular steel structures, tunnel support, curved roof beams, subway engineering, aluminum doors and windows, ceilings, inner skeletons of packaging tubes, balcony handrails, shower doors, production line tracks, fitness equipment and other industries.

2. Cold simmering elbow

Production of cold simmering bends:

Cold simmering elbow is a bending method that does not heat or change the material structure at room temperature.

U bend tube applications

1. In various bends, various bends are inevitably used, such as marine pipelines, automobile oil pipes and other pipelines. Compared with other types of elbows, the arc elbow has many advantages. First, all kinds of materials flow smoothly at the arc elbow, and the impact force on the pipe wall is small and uniform; secondly, the arc elbow itself has less stress concentration. Strong and high impact resistance;

2. With the rise of modern steel furniture, office chairs, beach chairs, luggage carts, shopping carts, children’s trolleys, cribs, computer tables, etc., several metal tubes form several bright lines, which are practical, convenient, safe and reliable ;

3. Air conditioning refrigeration pipes mainly include elbows, small U-shaped pipes, return elbows, etc.;

4. The bathroom industry now has more and more bends, faucets, towel racks and S-shaped accessories.

5. Motorcycles, automobiles, electric vehicles, bicycles and other vehicles, handlebars, bumpers, frames, etc.;

6. Fitness equipment, lighting, construction machinery and other industries.

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