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Stainless steel fin tube features and application in 2021

Processing technology and temperature change of stainless steel finned tube

Stainless steel finned tube is mainly used in production process of 304 type stainless steel processing, when making use of it is mainly used for two kinds of medium of heat transfer, laser welding stainless steel finned tube sophisticated technology, excellent performance, is the boiler, power generation, petrochemical industry, hvac, refrigeration, air conditioning industry such as heat, waste heat recycling alternatives.

Stainless steel finned tube in use can effectively improve the efficiency of the heat exchanger, to a certain extent, effectively prolong its life, reduce the volume and save material, the overall rolling finned tube without contact thermal resistance, heat transfer performance is good, high strength, thermal vibration and mechanical vibration resistance, thermal expansion performance is good.

The thermal contact resistance of the stainless steel finned tube is low, the product can maintain a stable low value within a large range of temperature changes, the heat transfer coefficient of the whole product is high, and it has good resistance to temperature change and vibration when in use, the heat transfer area per unit length is large, the heat transfer is high, the structure is reliable and the life is long; Finned surface smooth no burr, no wrinkle, not easy to scale, easy to clean and remove surface water, low flow resistance, can maintain good heat transfer performance for a long time.

The finned stainless steel tube has the characteristics of high strength, small flow loss, strong anti-corrosion performance, not easy to deform under long-term hot and cold working conditions and long service life. The whole rolled fin is smooth without burr, wrinkle and easy to clean. It is easy to remove the condensation water on the outer surface of the fin when wet cooling in heating and air conditioning engineering. It is not easy to dust and scale in drying, heating and other heat exchange occasions.

Murphy stainless steel fin tube

Stainless steel finned tube is highly adaptable.

Stainless steel finned tube in the use of its high heat transfer efficiency, due to the fin of the fluid disturbance makes the boundary layer constantly broken, because of the relatively large heat transfer coefficient, stainless steel finned tube because of the partition, the fin is very thin, with high thermal conductivity, so the finned tube heat exchanger can achieve very high efficiency.

Due to its compact operation, Murphy Thermal Technology laser-welded stainless steel finned tubes have an extended secondary surface during use, allowing surface areas of up to 1000 m2 /m3. The whole product is light and lightweight, because it is compact and mostly made of aluminum alloy. Now steel, copper and composite materials have also been mass-produced.

Laser welding of stainless steel finned tube has strong adaptability, and it is very suitable for the heat transfer between gas-gas, gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, various fluids and the phase transfer heat of the set state change during the operation. Through the arrangement and combination of the flow channel, it can adapt to different heat transfer conditions such as countercurrent, cross-current, multi-stream and multi-channel flow.

Stainless steel finned tube manufacturing process requirements are strict, the process is complex, easy to plug and corrosion resistance and cleaning maintenance is very difficult, so it can only be used for heat transfer medium clean, no corrosion, not easy to scale, not easy to deposit, not easy to plug the occasion.

Stainless steel finned tube to a certain extent regularly check whether the finned tube has sediment, coking, rust layer and other scaling adhesion, and immediate cleaning. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the adhesive between the finned tube and the rubber gasket is tight, and whether the rubber gasket itself is intact, so as to avoid the leakage caused by the rubber gasket degumming and damage.

Matters needing attention when choosing stainless steel finned tube:


1 stainless steel aluminum finned tube, in the selection of stainless steel grades, whether to pay attention to its surface temperature requirements?

Stainless steel aluminum finned tube, in the selection of stainless steel grades, is to pay attention to its surface temperature requirements, and this is also one of the factors that must be considered. So in this case, the answer is yes. Moreover, for different grades of stainless steel, its surface temperature is not the same. For example, 304 stainless steel, its surface temperature is about 450℃, and 321 stainless steel, is 600℃ – 700℃.

2. In the finned tube radiator, are the different types of finned tubes different in terms of base tubes and finned materials? Stainless steel aluminum finned tube this kind, can it be used?

In finned tube radiators, there are different choices for different types of finned tubes in terms of base tubes and finned materials. Therefore, the answer to question 1 is yes. Moreover, its base tube can be copper tube, steel tube, and stainless steel tube, etc., while the fin can be copper belt, aluminum belt, or stainless steel belt. So, from this point of view, stainless steel aluminum finned tube this kind, can be used.

3 stainless steel aluminum finned tube, if there is dust or dirt, then, how to clean up?

Stainless steel aluminum fin tube, if there is dust or dirt, then, it is possible to use professional cleaning agent, that is, acid lotion, to remove clean, specifically, is to use acid lotion for scrubbing, so as to get a good removal effect. However, it is important to note that there can be no residual, so as not to cause rust and corrosion of the finned tube.

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