Low finned Tubes

How to choose fin tube?

Finned tube is a kind of heat exchange element to improve the heat exchange efficiency, which is mainly used in industry, boiler and so on. Finned tube is a metal product. Many people don’t know how to make a decision when choosing finned tube. They are blind and don’t know what kind of finned tube they are suitable for. Here is how to choose the right finned tube share with you.

  1. We need to select qualified fin tubes. The qualified fin tubes have complete marks. The labels will indicate the unit weight, the pressure we can bear, the heating area, etc. in detail. We need to pay attention to these details when selecting.
  1. Check the quality of the welding spot of the finned tube, and judge whether it is smooth by touching its surface.
  1. Try to select the full die-casting aluminum alloy fin tube instead of the fin tube with weld to avoid water leakage at the weld.
  1. We can judge whether the thickness of the plate meets the standard by weighing the fin tube.
  1. The material and style of finned tube are various. When we choose it, we should choose it according to our own needs and heating conditions, not blindly.
  1. We need to purchase the ones with warranty service to avoid water leakage, unqualified heat dissipation and other failures in future use.
  1. If it is used in civil buildings, we should choose the fin tube with beautiful appearance and easy to clean.
  1. If it is used in places with poor environment such as easy corrosion, it is necessary to select the corrosion-resistant finned tube.
  1. In addition, anti-corrosion measures shall be taken when using various fin tubes. Murphy Thermal is professional of fin tubes.

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