Laser Welding Finned Tubes

The long-term use of any item can not be separated from the care and maintenance. Murphy laser welding fin tube is no exception. So what are the specific aspects of fin tube maintenance?

Generally, when water is used for circulation at the beginning of operation, there may be slight leakage. When the temperature rises to the sterilization temperature, the leakage will disappear by itself. If the leakage does not stop, the finned tube must be compressed a little more. If it is still ineffective, it is necessary to open and check the rubber gasket. It is also possible that the finned tubes are arranged in the order of numbers on the fins, which should be corrected.

  1. Regularly check whether the finned tubes are complete, whether there are deposits, coking, rust layer and other scaling adhesion, and clean them immediately. At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the adhesion between each fin tube and the rubber washer is tight, and whether the rubber washer itself is in good condition, so as to avoid leakage caused by rubber washer degumming and damage.
  1. The plate heat exchanger pressing nut and upper and lower guide rods shall be lubricated with lubricating grease frequently.
  1. Each instrument shall be regulated by a specially assigned person and operated and maintained in strict accordance with the operating procedures.
  1. When the rubber gasket needs to be replaced or the degummed part needs to be repaired, the finned tube shall be removed and placed on the table, and the old gasket shall be removed, or the glue traces in the groove of the finned tube shall be wiped out with fine sandpaper at the degumming position, and then the oil traces in the groove shall be wiped out with carbon tetrachloride or trichloroethylene, and then the back of the new rubber gasket shall be wiped out with fine sandpaper, similarly with carbon tetrachloride or trichloroethylene The alkene solvent wiped out the oil. Then, apply a thin layer of glue on the back of the groove and rubber washer. Let it dry a little, but it still sticks. That is to say, the rubber washer is embedded in the groove, flattened around, and coated with a layer of talcum powder. Then install the fin tube and clamp it gently. According to the glue instructions, it can be used after a period of time.
  1. When recompressing the laser welded composite fin tube, pay attention to the scale position during the last compression. Do not over press the rubber gasket, so as to reduce the service life of the gasket.
  1. When replacing the rubber gasket of the finned tube, it is necessary to update all the segments so as to avoid uneven clearance between the fins and affect the heat transfer effect.

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