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laser welded fin tube murphy scaledlaser welded fin tube murphy scaled
laser welding fin tube murphy 1 scaledlaser welding fin tube murphy 1 scaled
laser welding fin tubes murphy scaledlaser welding fin tubes murphy scaled

Laser Welded Finned Tubes

Fin Type: Laser welded finned tube

Tube Material: steel, aluminum, copper, titanium etc.

Fin Material: Copper, aluminum

Product description:100% welding between fin and tube without using filler material. No impurity of the weld seam, as the laser welding is carried out under a protective atmosphere.

Laser welding finned tube is processed by laser welding machine. Laser welding is a welding method that irradiates a high-intensity laser beam onto the metal surface. Through the interaction of the laser and the metal, the metal absorbs the laser light and converts it into heat, melting the metal to form a cooling crystal. Laser welding machine is the most advanced laser welding equipment for finned tubes. Because the welding process is fully automatic and mechanical, the scientific and technological content and quality of laser welding finned tubes are superior to traditional cooling tubes.

The laser welding finned tube has a fully automatic welding process, saving manpower costs; secondly, the laser welding fin is firm, strong, and the test with high tensile strength is qualified. Laser welding is more efficient.

Advantages of laser welded finned tube

  1. The laser welding finned tube (finned tube) fin machine has a high degree of automation, and the welding of the fin to the tube and the winding of the tube are synchronized
  2. 100% welding rate, laser welding finned tube and fins are strong, the welding strength exceeds 600MPa.
  3. The precision of laser welding tube finishing machine is up to 0.05mm
  4. 0 contact resistance, achieve high efficiency of heat transfer of spiral finned tube by laser welding.
  5. Save production costs. The laser welding finned tube (finned tube) has a smaller fin spacing, less than 2.5mm. Compared with the high frequency welded spiral (spiral) finned tube, the heat transfer area is increased by about 50%, which makes the material cost Reduced, volume reduced heat exchanger.
  6. The advantages over conventional MAG / HF welding are of decisive importance. The complete connection between the fin and the base tube brings excellent heat transfer, and the thermal performance of the fin tube is increased by 2.5 times. Continuous welding prevents the notch effect, thereby avoiding the formation of v-corrosion and cracks under the condition that the finned tube may swing. The heating of base metals during welding is low and the travel speed is up to 20m / min. Minimize the heat affected zone in the base tube. Therefore, it does not include the complete melting of the tube and the related metallurgical transformation of the parent metal.

Laser welded finned tube specifications

  • Thin and continuous ideal seams
  • Small heat affected area
  • Slightly discolored welding parts
  • The tubes and fins have only slight microstructure changes
  • High heat forms seams
  • Since the high welding integrity between the tube and the fins is avoided, the crevice corrosion is avoided, thereby improving safety
  • Laser welding is carried out in a protective atmosphere, so the weld is free of impurities

Laser welded finned tube Application

 Power Plants

  • Cooling towers or cooling water recooling plants with dry, dry / wet or wet operation
  • Flue gas cooling and heating in flue gas desulfurisation scrubbers (FGD) and nitrogen removing plants (DENOX)

 Chemical Industry

  • Heat exchangers of all kinds for cooling and heating of liquids and gases
  • Heat exchangers tor nitric acid (HNO3) plants, e.g. for the fertilizer industry

 Heat Recovery Plants

  • Flue gas coolers

 Heating Industry

  • Primary heat exchangers in gas heating boilers
  • Secondary heat exchangers for domestic water heating in condensing boilers

 General Engineering

  • Heat exchangers for gas cooling of industrial furnaces
  • Heat exchangers for tank heating
  • Oil coolers for vacuum plants, ship plants, pumps etc.
  • Heat exchangers for oil preheating


  • Tube outside diameter 8.0–50.0 mm
  • Fin outside diameter 17.0 –80.0 mm
  • Fin pitch 5 –13 fin/inch
  • Fin height 5.0 –17 mm
  • Fin thickness 0.4 – 1.0 mm
  • Maximum tube lengths 12.0 m



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