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Laser-welded fin tube

Fin Type: laser welded fin tube

Base pipe material: steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, etc
Heat material: copper, aluminum
Wender tube length: unlimited
Product Description: 100% welded between fin and tube without filling material.The laser welding in the weld.
Laser-welded fin tube
100% welding between fin and tube without use of filling material.There are no impurities on the weld for laser welding in a protective atmosphere.Different material of the fins and tubes.Simple bending and coiling of the fin tube.Since the heat-affected areas and welds are small, the material does not deform, while the tubes and fins have only slight microstructural changes.

Benefits of fin tubes
Avoid gap corrosion and have a longer service life
–Easy to clean and disinfect, the laser fins meet the requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industry
-Optimum heat transfer, reduced materials, reduced footprint of heat exchanger and lower investment costs
-Compliance with process flow, reduce downtime, reduce operation and maintenance cost, investment cost
-The tube can be bent in the fin part, fast and easily processed, reducing the bypass flow.
-The tube is almost unaffected by the welding process, with a possible smaller tube wall, reduced footprint and weight of the fin tube heat exchanger, and reduced manufacturing complexity.
Laser-welded fin tube specification.
·Pipe outer diameter 8.0-50.0 mm Wing outer diameter 17.0-80.0 mm wing pitch 5-13 fins / inch wing height 5.0-17 mm fin thickness 0.4 1.0 mm maximum pipe length 12.0 m
Range of use:
usually,Squeeze wings Utend Power plant, chemical industry, heat recovery plant, thermal industry
The maximum operating temperature is 400 C.