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High-Frequency Welded Fin Tube

Fin Type:High frequency wing tube
Baseline material:Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum
Radiator material:Copper, aluminum, and stainless steel
The length of the fin tube:absoluteness
product description :High frequency welding fin pipe with high frequency power supply as the heat source, steel strip, steel pipe heating at the same time, make it integrated.It has the characteristics of high heat transfer and heat dissipation efficiency, large heat transfer area, long service life, and wide adaptability to temperature and high pressure.

High frequency wing tube
The basic principle of the fin tube is to weld the seamless steel pipe on the outer packaging strip at a certain distance (the strip perpendicular to the outer surface of the pipe) and the high frequency current as a heat source.By using the skin collecting effect and electrical effect of high frequency current, local heating pipe, steel strip and welding can be welded contact surface area.Meanwhile, the forging force of the fin tube is applied to the metal oxide outside the excess melt and the plastic form of the contact point, thus realizing the binding of solid atoms between the steel tube and the fin material.
High-frequency fin tube characteristics
(1)High production efficiency, continuous winding production;
(2)Low cost, it depends on the characteristics of high-frequency welding itself-skin effect heating the workpiece surface, to achieve the purpose of welding, welding process does not need to add any filled metal material;
(3)Because the high frequency current only flows through the shallow surface of the steel pipe, the welding heat influence area is small, so the resulting additional wall thickness is not considered in the design calculation; no heat treatment is needed after welding.
(4)Solid welding, under the condition of reasonable equipment configuration and perfect process parameters, can realize the firm welding between the fin and the steel pipe, and can withstand the heat shock wave caused by frequent opening and stop.
High-frequency fin tube specification
Heat sink thickness:0.8-2.5mm
Fin distance:4-35mm
Fin width:10-25mm
Effective welding length:≤15m
Bending radius of the fin tube:50-300mm
Welding rate of fin tube:More than 95%
material standards
Radiator material:aluminum 1060,1050,1070,6063,6061,3003
Applied range:
High frequency welding fin tube is widely used in petrochemical industry, machinery, metallurgy, rubber, printing and dyeing, medicine, food, power plant, passenger car, drying, and other industrial heating and cooling, is the best heat transfer of cracking furnace, converter convection section, heat exchanger, air preheater and energy saving device, crystallization device, radiator and heat pipe technology components.
The advantages of high-frequency welded fin tube, especially steel fin radiator is widely used in office buildings, residential buildings, hotels, workshops, and other industrial and civil construction industries, with good heating effect, is an alternative to the traditional cast iron, plate radiator.