High efficiency finned Tubes

What are the application fields of high efficiency heat exchange tube

According to the types of strengthening, the high efficiency fiined tubes can be divided into three types: the outer strengthening type, the inner strengthening type and the inner and outer strengthening type. According to the purposes, they can be divided into two types: the evaporation heat exchange tube used in the evaporator and the condensation heat exchange tube used in the condenser. There are also many application fields of efficient heat exchange tube. Let’s take a look at them.

In the field of refrigeration and air conditioning, shell and tube heat exchanger is the most widely used heat exchanger, accounting for about 80% of the total number of heat exchangers. In the past, light tube or ordinary low fin tube was used as the heat exchange element in the heat exchanger, and now efficient heat exchange tube is basically used.

The pipe fittings of the sleeve type heat exchanger are to connect two standard pipes of different sizes into concentric tubes. The outer tube is called the shell side and the inner tube side is called the tube side. The tube for tube side generally adopts high efficiency heat exchange tube with fins. The tube for shell side can be made of steel, cast iron, ceramics and glass. If the material is proper, it can be used for heat exchange of corrosive medium. This kind of heat exchanger has some outstanding advantages, so it is widely used in petroleum, petrochemical and other industrial sectors.

The power condenser is one of the important auxiliary machines of the condensing steam turbine generator set. Its performance has a significant impact on the efficiency and power of the unit. The application of enhanced heat transfer technology in the condenser is of great significance to improve the operation economy of the unit and reduce energy consumption. High efficiency heat exchange tube is worth popularizing and applying in condenser and straight tube surface heat exchanger.

At present, Murphy Thermal efficient heat exchange tube is mainly used in the field of refrigeration.

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