Finned Tube Heat Exchanger

Murphy finned tube heat exchanger has some obvious advantages in operation, especially in the field of air to air heat transfer, especially in the field of ultra-high temperature air to air heat transfer. To a certain extent, it has become the upgrading product of the tube, heat pipe and finned tube heat exchanger.

The main characteristics of Murphy finned tube heat exchanger: the finned tube heat exchanger can be designed with elastic structure, which can effectively solve the problem of its thermal expansion; there are rich test and actual operation data as support, through constant correction of the calculation formula, the calculation error is within 5%, and more than 95% of the equipment operation can reach the design parameters.

Application field of finned tube heat exchanger: the finned tube heat exchanger is widely used in high and low temperature flue gas heat recovery occasions such as boiler, heating furnace and waste gas catalytic incinerator in industrial devices of environmental protection, metallurgy, oil refining and chemical industry, electric power and other industries, such as conversion furnace combustion air preheater station of hydrogen production unit.

Finned tube heat exchanger in the operation of the whole finned tube, from casting, machining or rolling, fins and tubes as a whole. It is mainly manufactured by brazing or inert gas shielded welding. Modern welding technology can make the fins of different materials connected together, and can make the fin tube simple, economic, with better heat transfer and mechanical properties, has been widely used.

The fin and tube heat exchanger produced by Murphy mainly uses laser welding fin and tube, with high degree of automation. The fully automatic fin laser welding machine can realize one-time welding. Synchronous winding makes the fin foot and tube deeply welded, with high laser welding firmness and high binding force.

Laser welding is a combination of metallurgy. The welding strength is more than 600MPa. The precision of laser welding machine is high. The repeated precision of welding an 8-meter-long fin tube can reach 0.05mm. The heat transfer coefficient of spiral fin tube can be greatly improved by laser welding. The fin tube distance of laser welding can be ≤ 2.5mm.

The heat dissipation area is nearly 50% higher than that of high-frequency welded tube (fin distance ≥ 4.5mm), which greatly reduces the tube material At the same time, the volume of the heat exchanger is reduced, which is recognized and adopted by the majority of users.

Murphy Thermal Energy is one of the renowned finned tube heat exchanger manufacturer in China.

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What are the main characteristics and application fields of finned tube heat exchanger?

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