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Murphy laser welded finned tube heat exchangerMurphy laser welded finned tube heat exchanger
Murphy finned tubes coilMurphy finned tubes coil
Murhy finned tubes coilMurhy finned tubes coil
Copper Finned tube coil Murphy for boiler aCopper Finned tube coil Murphy for boiler a

Finned tube coil

Fin Type: fin tube coil

Tube:  copper, steel or stainless steel 

Fins:   aluminium, copper, steel or stainless steel

Fin Tube Length: No Limit

Product description:Finned tube coil are available in many products like air heaters, air coolers, condensers, heat exchangers and evaporators for HVAC and various other industrial applications.

What is finned tube coil

Finned tube coils are commonly used for gas-liquid exchange. Heat transfer on the gas side is usually much lower than on the liquid side, and heat sinks are required on the gas side. The outer fins of the tube may be normal on a single tube, or maybe transverse, spiral, or longitudinal. Longitudinal fins are commonly used in a double tube or shell heat exchangers without baffles. A fluid may be a gas or a viscous liquid. Our finned tube coil products range from small applications to large commercial and industrial projects.

Finned tube coil material

Tube:  copper, steel or stainless steel 

Fins: aluminum, copper, steel or stainless steel

Finned tube coil type

Spiral wound – crimped fin wound along tube length

Water to air 

Steam to air

Refrigerant to air

Oil to air 

Run-around coils (air to air heat recovery) 

Finned tube coil applications

Industrial Coils: heat exchangers, boilers, petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, chemical fiber, nuclear power, etc. Coils for fluids: beverages, beer, milk, water supply systems, equipment, etc. Coil for mechanical structures: printing and dyeing, printing, textile machinery, appliances, kitchen equipment, automobile and ship accessories, construction and decoration, etc. 

For example: The fin tube coil is widely used in the distillation condenser and solvent cooler of the washing machine, and is an ideal accessory product; the tube and the fin of the finned tube are an integrated structure, and the heat transfer capacity is increased by 30% compared with the smooth tube -40%, widely used in the washing industry; the surface can be treated with electrophoresis, electroless nickel plating, tin plating and other anti-corrosion processes, which can greatly improve the corrosion resistance.

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