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Fin tube technology and industry features

Fin tube manufacturing process and welding classification:

The fin tube can be divided into two basic types: longitudinal and radial. The other types are the development and deformation of these two types. For example, the large spiral angle fin tube is close to the longitudinal direction, and the small spiral angle fin tube is close to the longitudinal direction. The shapes close to the radial fins are round, rectangular and needle-shaped. In addition, the fin can be arranged outside the tube, called an outer fin tube; it can also be arranged inside the tube, called an inner fin tube or both.

The fin tube manufacturing process can classify finned tubes into integral finned tubes, high-frequency welded finned tubes, mechanically connected finned tubes and laser welded finned tubes. Under normal circumstances, the overall finned tube is in the process of making The middle is mainly made by casting, machining or rolling, and the fin and the tube are integrated. Welding finned tubes, using brazing or inert gas shielded welding and other processes to manufacture. Modern welding technology can connect fins of different materials together, and can make finned tubes simple and economical, with good heat transfer and mechanical properties, and has been widely used. Since the residue in the welding seam is not conducive to heat transfer and may even cause fracture, the quality of the welding process must be ensured when producing this type of finned tube.

The high-frequency welding finned tube mainly uses the frequency induction generated by its high-frequency generator, so that high temperature can be generated at the contact between the tube surface and the fin, and the two are melted within a depth of about 10μm, and then pressurized to make The fin and the tube are connected as one body. No flux, no solder, simple manufacturing, high productivity, excellent heat transfer and mechanical properties. This is an ideal type of finned tube, which is being recognized and adopted by the majority of users.

Finned tubes usually have three types: inlay type, sleeve type, wound type, or string type. The winding finned tube is simple to manufacture. The metal band is fixed on one end of the tube by mechanical or welding method, and the metal belt is tightly wound on the outer wall of the tube by means of tube rotation torque, and the other end is fixed to form a wound fin tube. The material of the winding sheet can be copper strip, steel strip or aluminum strip.

The finned tube of Murphy uses the most advanced laser welding technology.

The perfect combination between the fin and the tube improves the efficiency of heat transfer and corrosion resistance, resulting in clean welded fin tube joints and completely straight fins (no corrugations).

New material combination and production range

Our laser fin process allows a wider range of tube and fin combinations. The feasible height, thickness and pitch of the fin exceeds any conventional fin process.

In addition, the increased range of material combinations of tubes and fins (steel, aluminum, copper, titanium) provides new advantages and alternatives to the industry.

Price savings, lower energy consumption, reduced consumable costs and increased efficiency enable Murphy to provide very competitive prices.

Murphy fin tube aluminum high frequency welded for hvac

The performance characteristics of finned tubes in different industries:

Murphy finned tube is a device that converts heat power and effectively increases the area of heat. In our daily life, the use of finned tubes is very common, mainly by using intelligent design to realize its in life , And the protective use in the environment, and has been unanimously recognized in the industry.

At the same time, Murphy laser welded stainless steel finned tube also has better anti-corrosion performance characteristics. In many different industry movements, the finned tube presents relatively unique advantages, and in many different environments It can be used in both, and has many additional functions, mainly on the basis of the original, the entire function of the piece has been significantly improved.

Laser-welded stainless steel finned tubes are available, and the performance is very good. It can effectively carry different performances. Therefore, it should also belong to a relatively special performance, and the finned tubes can also be used in air conditioners and industrial radiators Among them, the effect is very obvious, and it can bring considerable benefits to the enterprise.

And to ensure that the laser welded stainless steel finned tube can be better used in our daily life. Among them, the wear resistance is also the more prominent advantage of the finned tube. When assembling its parts, the finned tube has a better High wear resistance, so it has a longer service life. If it is matched with ordinary equipment, it can also exert greater performance.

Laser welding of stainless steel finned tubes can also significantly improve the actual recognition function of the equipment, and directly reflect this advantage in the protection of the environment. Its advantages are not comparable to other equipment. The main thing is that the finned tube still exists. The function of preventing dust accumulation is impossible in many traditional equipment.

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