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Finned tubes & heat exchange Design Services

Murphy offers a wide range of customizable Finned tubes& heat exchange. But sometimes our customer’s needs cannot be satisfied by an offering from our current catalog. This is when Murphy’s extensive experience in custom Finned tubes& heat exchange really kicks into gear! We analyze the functional, budgetary, and regulatory requirements of your Finned tubes& heat exchange project to provide you with the best possible Finned tubes& heat exchange solution…whether we’re simply modifying an existing product to meet your needs, or building an entirely new unit just for you.


Steel industry and metallurgy industry manufacturer
Pharmaceutical industry manufacturer
Marine industry manufacturer
Petrochemical industry manufacturer
Chemical industry manufacturer
Electric power industry manufacturer

For more information on Murphy OEM and ODM services, contact us today!

ODM Services-Design for You

Original design manufacturer (ODM) services utilize your product ideas with Murphy’s design and manufacturing capabilities. Our design team will capture all the needs of your ODM project requirements including design, and production schedule. We’ll draft the blueprints for the project and build prototypes for you to demo. Once approved, our team will begin production of your ODM sets according to your demand forecasts; adjusting as needed moving forward. For more information on Murphy’s OEM and ODM services, contact us today!