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Finned tube application choice

After understanding the principles and functions of the finned tube, there are the following principles for the choice of finned tube: (1) If the
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Murphy high frequency finned tube 2

How to Optimize the Design of Finned Tube Phase Change Heat Storage

Finned tube structure Finned tubes are widely used in power, chemical and other industries. Many spiral heat transfer surfaces or threaded tubes can be
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Fin heat exchanger cleaning

You will need to keep the fin heat exchanger clean every once in a while. You will find that you are able to keep
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Murphy heat exchanger finned tube heat exchanger aluminum in workshop

Fin tube in heat exchanger

Under normal circumstances, the spacing and height of the fin tube heat exchanger mainly affect the fining ratio, which has a great relationship with
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Murphy U Bend Tube

Everything you should know about U bend tube

Murphy can make U bend tube in our factory according to customer requirements. The elbow is heat treated according to the customer’s requirements, and then hydrostatic
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Murphy G fin tube batches

Fin tube for boiler economizer

H type fin tube waste heat recovery device (also called economizer) The concept of economizer The economizer  is the heating surface in the tail
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