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Our Brand Story

Murphy Thermal Energy Technology was founded in 1992 and has been committed to the development of thermal energy in HVAC industry.

Our company’s main products are laser welded finned tubes, finned tube coils, bent tubes, high-frequency welded finned tubes, extruded finned tubes, base tubes, heat exchangers, etc. The base tubes are generally made of carbon steel and stainless steel ,

Copper tube, nickel tube, titanium tube; fin strip material is carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium; at the same time has the ability to produce monometallic composite metal integrally  fin tube,

Products mainly include white copper tubes, aluminum brass tubes, navy brass tubes, various types of high-efficiency fin heat exchange tubes, evaporation tubes, condensation tubes, internally threaded tubes, etc.

After years of development, the company now has a professional technical team of masters and related technical engineers, focusing on design and development in automobiles, construction machinery,

Finned tubes, heat exchangers and overall solutions in the fields of aerospace, shipping, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, power plants, boilers, burners, locomotives, air conditioners, electronic products and military industries. Currently has dozens of related patents.

Guided by customer needs, the company can customize thermal transfer products and thermal energy solutions according to customer needs, which can meet the needs of various customers and undertake the entire project from design, manufacturing to installation.

Our aim is to provide high-quality thermal energy solutions and services for the global thermal energy industry with high-quality products.

Design and Development

We focus on providing the most suitable fin tube design for our customers, with a strong design team we make every effort to meet clients requirement. During this period, we have also made many breakthroughs. At present, we have seven patents.


Due to the wide range of fin tube application industries and many different application scenarios, customers often have various unique needs. With strong design team we accept all the OEM and ODM orders. Our production lines include customer’s labels and trademarks.


We cherish every customer, no matter how much is the order, our aim is to grow together with customers and innovate together. We manufacture and deliver according to your needs.

Meet our Team

Robin suzhou person

Mr Robin Du


Cici Shu

Senior Engineer
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Dr.Sam Oladazimi

Senior Engineer

Dr Bin Xia

Chief Engineer

Our factory

Murphy finned tubes workshopMurphy finned tubes workshop
Murphy finned tubes factoryMurphy finned tubes factory
Murphy factory finnedtubesMurphy factory finnedtubes
Murphy finned tubes factory workshopMurphy finned tubes factory workshop
Murphy carbon steel high frequency fin tube HVAC A 3 scaledMurphy carbon steel high frequency fin tube HVAC A 3 scaled




Murphy Tuv certificate


Murphyheatexchangerand fin tube patent 1


Murphyheatexchangerand fin tube patent 3

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